Shudy Camps


HRoll of Honour

AGER, Elijah: 4 August 1916 aged 25. Son of Samson and Harriet AGER.

CHALLIS, Arthur William : 9 April 1917 aged 23. Son of Frank and Mahala CHALLIS.

CHRISTMAS, Clarence Anthony: 8 April 1917. Son of Anthony and Mary Ann CHRISTMAS.

MALLYON, Jesse: 3 November 1916 aged 23.

THORNTON, Frederick Edward: 25 March 1917 aged 37. Son of Canon F and Harriet THORNTON.

THORNTON, Archibald Clement: 22 November 1915 aged 29. Son of Canon F and Harriet THORNTON

WEBB FS: No further information.


Clarence Christmas Clarence CHRISTMAS was one of the men from Shudy Camps who lost their life in the Great War. He was 22 when he died in April 1917.

World War II

DAWSON, Charles: 7 December 1943 aged 23. Son of Frederick and Jessie DAWSON.

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