Shudy Camps


Rectors of St Marys Church

1264 - Rebels from the Isle of Ely captured the vicar and made him pay £2 ransom.

An incomplete list gleaned from several sources.....

John Petyt 1462-1497  
  1497-1499 Three incumbents
John Sturges 1538-1561 ...ran after his parishioners wives and failed to preach more than twice a year (1550)
  1578-1590 Seven successive vicars resigned during these years
John Sparrow 1601-1649  

John Wignold or Martin
Abraham Okes 1711-1742  
  1752-1792 Eleven incumbents
John Hailstone 1798-1818  
Adam Sidgwick 1824  
John Hailstone 1834-1838  
George Perry 1838-1858  
William Joy 1863-1898  
Canon Thornton 1919-1939