Shudy Camps


Churchyard of St Marys

There are not many headstones or memorials in the churchyard when one considers the large number of souls who rest here. This is not a complete photographic archive and please contact me if you would like another added or would like a btter copy if the displayed photo. They are in no particular order.

Henry Edward NUNN married Emily WHITTING in 1878. Harry was the second son and Fanny, the next sibling,m their eldest daughter.

In Loving Memory of
the beloved son of
Edard & Emily Nunn
who died April 10th 1915
Aged 35 Years
Sorrow vanquished, labour ended
Jordan passed

In Loving Memory of
Fanny Nunn
Died March 14 1909
Aged 25 years
Remember all htat do pass by
__ Are now so once was
_ ??ow you soon will be
?? to follow me

In Loving Memory of
Elijah Ager
Who died Nov 13th 1942
Aged 80 Years
Also of his beloved wife
Who died Oct 8th 1942
Aged 79 years.
Loved and Remembered Always

In Memory Of
Dear Dad and Mum
Albert & Elsie Ager
1905-1974 1905-2002
Elijah and Susannah married in Shudy Camps in 1881 and had a large family of 18 children. More information on the Ager page
Edward and Mabel née Briggs lived in Great Thurlow, having been married only since the last few months of 1896. Edward remarried in 1902, to Janet ANDREWS. William and Judith were her parents.

In Loving Memory of
Mabel Louie
The beloved wife of
Edward Tilbrook
who died May 11th 1898
aged 22 years
Short was my stay as reader you may see
Called early hence as you if young many be
Death took me from a husbands wacthful eye
Who loved me much and
grieved to see me die

In Loving Remembrance of
Judith Day, wife of
William Briggs
who died Nov 10 1889
aged 70 years.
All flesh is grass, the grass withereth
The flower fadeth, but the Word is
_ shall _ stand for ever
Also of hte above
William Briggs
who died April 1st 1896
Aged 70 years
Thy will be done.

Samuel WOOLLARD and Caroline BAILEY were married in 1838 and the family moved to Shudy Camps from Great Thurlow between 1853 and 1855. Samuel died in 1883.

In Loving Memory of
Caroline wife of
? Wollard who died Oct 8th 1903
[more inscription - not decipherable on my photo]

Ann Sophia daughter of
Samuel and Caroline
who died Dec 13th 1889
Aged 37 years
Asleep in Jesus

Widower Henry Wilson married Mary Starling in January 1885 in Castle Camps. He was the miller at Camps Endway. Henry's previous wife was also Mary as they christened 4 children in Castle Camps 1855-1870. Henry was baptised as an adult on May 13 1847, stating his birth date as 8 June 1830. Henry died (I think) in January 1911
In Memory of
Henry Wilson
Late of Mill House
Castle Cmpas
Died Jan 8 1911
Aged 80 years
Gone to his eternal rest
Also of
Mary Wilson

Second wife of the above
[rest obscured in my photo]
In Loving Memory of
Rands Edmund Pearl
who died Oct 3rd 1877
Also of his daughter
Catharine Mary Pearl
who died Feb 1st 1945
Aged 81 years
Thy Will be Done

Rands died just before his youngest daughter Elizbaeth was born in early 1878 - his wife Elizabeth Jane (or Jane Elizabeth) TILBROOK died in Sept 1913 and is buried in Castle Camps.

Rands and Elizabeth were married in Castle Camps 27 May 1862 and had 9 children christened in Shudy between 1863 and 1878. After his death she lived next to the Post Office in Castle Camps working as a tailoress and then as housekeeper for the schoolmaster and his family. By 1911 she was living with Henry Deeks in Kedington.

the beloved wife of
George Flack
who died July 3 1898
aged 77 years
I know that my Redeemer liveth
Also of
George Flack
who died July 31 1920
aged 87 years
Rest in Peace
Also of
Naomi Barker
Niece of the above
Born Oct 12 1853
Died Dec 13 1946
At Rest

George was the inkeeper of the Three Horsehoes and was born in Elmdon, Essex. He and Emily EVERETT married in 1858.

Naomi was the daughter of George's brother James and his wife Mary, and the widow of James William Barker, who she had married in Islington in 1874. Naomi had a daughter, Naomi Minnie JARMIN .