Castle Camps: Families



William WALLIS, the son of John WALLIS, ostler of Lichfield married Judith REDHOUSE in Castle Camps on 9 November 1826.

Thanks to Sophie Andrews for the detailed information provided here.

Their children:

Frederic, Jane and Thomas were all baptised on 8 June 1849 at All Saints, Castle Camps, when their father William was the village postman.

William Wallis died on 21 May 1864 at Castle Camps, was buried on May 28 1864 and Judith on November 23 1876, both at All Saints.

1. Henry Redhouse WALLIS married Elizabeth (Betsy) COOPER (the daughter of Robert COOPER) in Castle Camps on 4 November 1849.

Their children (all baptised in Castle Camps):

Henry (formerly the church clerk) was buried at All Saints on 16 February 1899 and Elizabeth (at the grand age of 91) on 27 June 1924.

2. Elizabeth (Betsy) WALLIS married James UNWIN at Castle Camps on 5 November 1853.

Their children (baptised in All Saints, Castle Camps)

Their other children were born in Ashdon

Elizabeth died in 1906 and James in 1914.

3. Robert WALLIS married Sarah BARKER on April 11 1857 in Castle Camps.

Their children (all baptised at All Saints):

Robert was buried 25 January 1913 and Sarah 21 April 1910, both at All Saints.

4. William WALLIS married Elizabeth TIPLADY in Cambridge in 1866 and worked for most of his life as a gardener in Castle Camps. By 1901 the couple had moved to Shudy Camps and in 1911 they were in Kedington, Suffolk.

Photo courtesy of Greg Wallis

Their children:

5. James WALLIS married Martha Mary BLACKWELL 8 June 1867 in Castle Camps. A family memory is that he worked as domestic coachman for the Duchesne family.

Ezra, James and Timothy

Elsie (wife of Ezra) and their son Harold, Martha Mary

Photo courtesy of Hazel Langley

Their children:

These children were all baptised at the Congregational Church in Castle Camps on 28 April 1875.

Harvest in Castle Camps c 1908. James Wallis is standing on the haycart holding the pitchfork, and his son Herbert is second from the left, seated.

Photo Courtesy of Hazel Langley

6. Emma WALLIS married Robert Hammond DAY in 1870 and died in Wandsworth in 1903.

7. Charles WALLIS married Elizabeth CLEMENTS in 1863.

Their children: