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The Will of Bartholomew Stavers of Castle Camps 1784

the third day of June in the Year our Lord Christ one
thousand seven hundred and eighty four I Bartholomew
Stavers being I thank my God at the making hereof
of sound and perfect mind and memory tho very Infirm in
body I do now make and ordain this my Will and last
Will and Testament in manner and form following first
I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God
thro the merit and mediation of his Own Chosen Son Blessed Son
Jesus Christ and for my body I desire it may buried
in my fathers tomb in the churchyard of Castle Camps
I would have it taken down as low as I had it repared(?)
and Brick the Bottom and put no dirt in the
tomb as for my wordly Estate which God hath given
me I dipose thereof as followeth Item I give to my
ever loving wife Martha Stavers in Portsmouth in
New England in New Hampshire the Interest of six
hundred pounds Stock of the now four per cent Created by
an Act of Parliament of the seventeenth year of the
reign of His Majesty King George the third as long
as she live and after her Death the same six
hundred pounds Stock I give to my two sons Andrew
Sang born before Marriage I give three pounds Stock
my younger son William Stavers born three or four months after I came away
in one thousand seven hundred
and seventy five I give the other three hundred pounds Stock in the four per cent Item I give to my Eldest
som Bartholomew Stavers my Copyhold Estate in Castle
Camp in the Country of Cambridgeshire and all my
household furniture and what ? Government may
give to his father for his Losses in America and all
my Cloathes ? Buckles Money or any things Else be
long to me after paying my lawful debts and
three pounds in the aforesaid Stocks of the ? four per cent
at my eath Item I give the Interest of one hundred
pounds for over? In the aforesaid Stocks of the four
per cents to be paid to the Church Wardens of Castle
Campes once a year for the following uses that is to say
Ten shillings a year for
ever to keep in repair my fathers John Stavers tomb the other
three pounds Ten shillings I give to the poor of the
parish of Castle Camps and in default of not keeping the
said Tomb in repair with Brick and Lime and a
Portland stone on the top of the it the whole of the said
Interest falls to the Tomb to keep it in repair If no
default I would have the three pounds ten shillings paid
to the poor on the twenty seventh of October every
year on St John the Evangelists Day May God
grant me a safe and easy passage to everlasting joy
and felicity? Thro Jesus Christ the Saviour of Mankind
Amen in Witness whereof I have set my hand and
to the last my seal after saying of either of my
sons die before they receive the aforesaid Money then
to be equally divided between the Brothers and if all
three die then I give all my Estate to George Stavers Libboo my Illegitimate
son in Portsmouth New Hampshire New England this
Will contains two sheets of paper Item I do constitute
and appoint my Eldest son Bartholomew Stavers now
at Sea and James Leonard and Richard Collier
Executors of this my last Will and Testament both
belonging to this parish desiring James Leonard to
have the care of my Funeral according to my only ? Will and
the care of my Real Estate til my Son come home
for which I give him five pounds and Richard
Collier I give one guinea to buy a Ring and Mrs Markham
one Guinea to buy a ring
impower James Leonard and Richard Collier to receive and sell
what they may want for my use out of the Stocks not to sell the hundred
pounds I give to my Tomb and the poor Bartholomew Stavers
Signed Seales published by the above named
Bartholomew Stavers the Testator and declared in the
presence of witnesses John Baynes Wm Needham John Freeman

There is an additional page to this will being the testament of Mrs Sarah Markham (nee Sarah HYMUS, married to Daniel Markham of Sawston April 8 1731 in Castle Camps) and of James Leonard, testifying the amendments, additions and obliterations were genuine and in Bartholomew's own hand writing. Mrs Markham also "further maketh oath and sayeth that living in the house with the said Bartholomew Stavers the Testatoe several months previous to his decease the said will was entrusted to her care by the testator in his life time and that the said testator requested her the said deponent to deliver it to the Executors after his decease and that accordingly on the sixteenth day of December one thousand seven hundred and eighty four being the date of the Internment of the said Testator the said deponent took the said will out of a drawer in an Escritoire in the apartment of parlour of the said Bartholomew Stavers at his dwelling house in Castle Camps aforesaid and delivered it to James Leonard aforementioned one of the Executors therein nominated and appointed in the same plight and condition as tho the said deponent received it from the said Testator Bartholomew Stavers in his lifetime....."

This will may be downloaded from the National Archives website