Castle Camps: Families


Sarah and William Gibbs

Sarah Rooks was the third child of Abraham and Fanny and was born on Wednesday 20 June 1821 at Camps Endway where her father was a labourer, and was baptised when just over 1 month old on 5 August. It seems that she may have been named for her father's sister Sarah.
On 26 June 1841, when aged 20, her son Robert was baptised. He is listed as being the son of Sarah, Camps Endway.
In 1844, on Saturday 28 December she married William GIBBS, the son of John & Jemima. She was 23, and he about 26. They had a large family as follows:

William Gibbs died before 1881 and Sarah died aged 77 on 5 January 1899 in Castle Camps where she had lived all her life.

Siblings: Francis | Joseph | Sarah | Abraham | Isaac | Jacob

Parents: Abraham & Fanny