Castle Camps: Families


Joseph Rooks

Joseph Rooks was born on 20 Feb 1819 in Castle Camps and was baptized in the parish church of All Saints on 11 Apr 1819. He was the second son of Abraham and Fanny and seems to have lived all his life in the village. 
Some of his descendants met in Castle Camps in June 2000....

Joseph married his 24 year old bride Jane Taylor on 22 Mar 1845 when he was 26. She was the youngest child and sixth daughter of William Taylor and Sarah Rookes. (Jane was born on 30 Apr 1820 in Castle Camps, baptized on 18 Jun 1820, and died on 1 Feb 1892). Her parents had their marriage banns called in Castle Camps in 1798, and Sarah was stated to be of Withersfield, Suffolk. I have been looking for some record of her birth but none looks as likely as that of Sarah, daughter of Francis and Ann baptised in 1784 in Castle Camps. If this is right then Joseph married his cousin.

Joseph and Jane had 8 children - seven sons and a daughter. The youngest, Mark, died as a baby, but we have good details of the descendants of the others.

Joseph died on 22 Mar 1876 in Castle Camps,and was buried on 25 Mar 1876. He was 57 years old. Jane his wife died at the age of 71 in 1892.

Siblings: Francis | Joseph | Sarah | Abraham | Isaac | Jacob

Parents: Abraham & Fanny