Castle Camps: Families



Reader families were fairly prolific in both Castle and Shudy Camps. Here are my deductions of family groups based on entries in the parish register. (More information of the family of (Thomas READER & Eleanor BARKER)

John READER married Mary:

Jeremiah married Ann LEIVEN on 27 November 1773.

Henry married Susannah BROWNE on 23 November 1772. She was buried 8 Mar 1827 in Shudy Camps.

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Thomas READER, baptised 21 February 1773 married Rebecca. She was buried 26 August 1824 and listed as being 'of Horseheath" and he was buried 5 Dec 1839.

William READER (baptised 7 August 1774) married Elizabeth SMITH on 5 November 1799. She was buried 2 Mar 1818.

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Henry READER was baptised on 4 February 1776 amd on 8 November 1796 he married Mary CLAYDON. He was buried on 22 May 1832 and a possible burial for Mary is 14 Jun 1837.

Edmund READER married Mary RAWLINSON on 29 January 1804.

Mary died and was buried 15 Aug 1808 and Edmund remarried Anne CHAPMAN on 27 June 1830.

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Daniel READER married Elizabeth GLASSCOCK on 22 November 1803. She was buried 15 January 1831.

Son John possibly married Lydia and had the following children:

Charlotte READER married Isaac OSBORN on 24 December 1807. After she died he appears to have married her sister Ann on 15 May 1810