Castle Camps: Families



Rawlingson has been found spelt many different ways - Rawlinson, Rolinson, Rolingson, Rowlinson. Rowlingson, and so on. For ease all instances have been spelt RAWLINGSON.

James and Mary (nee WILSON) RAWLINGSON had a large family and many descendants, some of which follow. Its possible that James was married previously, also to a Mary.

Their children:

Aaron RAWLINGON married Mary CARTER in the parish church in Shudy Camps on 19 Sep 1825.

Amos RAWLINGSON married Fanny GREYGOOSE in Shudy Camps on 12 Sep 1828. (Fanny was the third child of Thomas and Sarah GREYGOOSE and had been baptised 5 Aug 1810 in Shudy Camps) All their children below were baptised in Shudy Camps.

Amos married a second time, to Susan WILSON on 24 Dec 1869 and had a further four children ...

Kay Fisher writes:

I have James who married Mary Wilson being descended from another James (b1747 d 1811). This James was married twice firstly to Mary Petit 1769 (d1769), secondly to Sarah Jeffery in 1771 (d 1793).

This James is in turn descended from Edward (b1715 d 1752). He seems to have been married twice- to Frances Jackson and to Ann?. I have one of his cousins being murdered by William Sutton yeoman of Withersfield, Cambs.

Edward is descended from Thomas b? d 1728. He was married to Anne who d 1729. They had 9 children: Thomas, John, William, William, Mathew, Edward, Mary, James and Anne. He was described in a Bishop's transcript on the register as a'pore man' and his wife as a 'por widow'. His brother John was mentioned in the will of John Bentley of Shudy Camps in 1715 as a tenant.

This Thomas is descended from another Thomas who d 1707 and Margaret who died 1694/95. They lived at Horseheath and had 6 sons and 1 daughter baptised at the church between 1677-94- the youngest two dying in infancy.
I am descended from Nathan- son of James and Mary Wilson, this being James 2nd marriage.One daughter survived from the first marriage and 7 from the second marriage- Sophia, Aaron,Amos Nathan,Milly, Elizabeth and Philip. The 1851 census has Mary, a pauper, living with Elizabeth, a needlewoman, and Philip a labourer.

Nathan born in 1812 in Shudy Camps married Betsy Cowell from Castle Camps 8 Dec 1833, and was an agricultural labourer like his forefathers. One of Nathan's sons was John b 1856 d 1895. At the time of his marriage to Catherine Eleanor Reed, the daughter of a soldier from Leake in Notts on 17 Sept 1882, he was a farm labourer. He became a general dealer in Cambridge and died from tetanus as a result of a fall from a cart, Mill Road, Cambridge. His horse shied at the railway crossing.

One of his sons was Alfred Arthur(b23 Dec 1891). He was my grandfather I never knew. He married my grandmother Dorothy Dorkings whose brother sailed on and survived the Titanic disaster.