Castle Camps: Families


There are several family groups with this surname and no obvious link is apparent. Please contact me if you have an interest in any of these groups or can correct my deductions!

A. Robert & Mary mc 1667

B. Thomas & Sarah mc 1753

C. Robert & Elizabeth (Webb) m 1789

D. John  & Elizabeth (Reader) m 1776

Robert COWLAND married Mary/Marie FARROW (the daughter of Thomas and Alse/Eals/Alis bp 9 Sep 1665 CC)

Their children, all baptised in Castle Camps:

Robert was buried 14 Nov 1727 and Mary (a poor woman) buried 5 Mar 1737


Son Robert (1688) and his wife Anne had a large family. He was buried (a poor man) 21 July 1758 and Anne on 27 Mar 1743.

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Thomas COWLAND (bu 24 Aug 1773) and his wife Sarah (bu 18 May 1805) had four children:

Robert COWLAND married Elizabeth WEBB (bc 1770 - bu 20 Apr 1842) on 13 Oct 1789. He was possibly the son of John & Mary COWLAND bp 10 May 1767 in Little Abington.

Jacob married Mary CARLTON 10 July 1821.

Jacob was buried 28 Feb 1850 and Mary possibly was the Mary COWLING buried 31 Jan 1866.