Castle Camps: Families


There seem to be several families with this surname in  the Castle Camps/Shudy Camps area. These are my deductions of family groups based on the parish registers. Please contact me if you have an interest in these families.

Descendants of:

  1. John & Ann Coote - 1560s to early 1700s
  2. William & Martha Coote 1760s to 1830s
  3. Henry & Mary Coote 1750s - 

A. John COOTE had the following children baptised in Castle Camps:

In 1612 (22 Apr) John Coote senyor was buried and Ann, wife of John was buried two years earlier 19 Jun 1610.

Dionise (or Sionise) had a daughter baptised Elizabeth Feb 28 1597.

Thomas appears to have married Martha JAGGARD 2 Mar 1603. Their children were all baptised in Castle Camps.

Thomas was buried 21 Jun 1647 (aged about 76). Widow Coote, who may be his wife Martha, was buried 17 Feb 1650.

John may have married Joan HOGATE 10 June 1604 in Castle Camps. They had two children:(father is listed as John jnr on both baptism entries)

William (son of Thomas & Martha, bp 24 Dec 1620) was the right age to have married Ann/Hannah BROWNE 16 Apr 1652 in Shudy Camps, and had the following children baptised, all in Castle Camps:

Anne/Hannah was buried 8 May 1687 followed by William on 6 Jul 1691.

Their son William could have married Margaret DOVEE (DOVES) 8 Nov 1682. Margaret was the daughter of William & Alice DOVES bp 9 Sep 1659 in Shudy Camps.

There is a burial for William Coote on 12 May 1726, and for Margaret Coote, a poor widow, 12 Jan 1739, both in Shudy Camps.

Francis, youngest son of William & Anne, was bp 3 May 1663. He and Ann had the following children bp in Castle Camps:

Ann Coote, a poor woman, was buried 13 Nov 1728 Castle Camps, and Francis Coote, a poor man, buried 10 days later on 23 November 1728.

John Coote m. Sarah BONDS/BONES/BOWER  4 Oct 1713. Their children were baptised in Shudy Camps:

Sarah was buried 12 June 1748 in Shudy Camps.

B. William Coote and Ann RAWLINGSON had a base born son William, bp 22 May 1757 and bu 8 Jan 175 in Castle Camps. This may be the same William who later married Martha and had the following children baptised in Castle Camps.

William Coote the son, possibly married Ann DEBNEY in 1790. He was a labourer and lived at Camps Endway. There were 11 known children.

C. Henry Coote married Mary FREEMAN 9 April 1751 in Shudy Camps. He was a blacksmith and was buried 1 June 1782 in Castle Camps, several years after his wife Mary, who was buried 16 January 1774, also in Castle Camps.

Henry Coote bp 1755 married Judith CHAPMAN 4 Mar 1778 in Castle Camps.(Poss bp 17 Jan 1744 Balsham, the daughter of Sarah CHAPMAN)

Jude died in childbirth and was buried 24 May 1786. Henry remarried on 10 April 1796 Rebecca BROWN (bp 10 Apr 1774, the daughter of Thomas and Eliza) and had 6 more children:

Henry was buried 10 April 1809 and Rebecca on  5 June 1855 in Castle Camps.

Joseph Coote married Susanna BARKER 24 Jan 1811 in Shudy Camps. (She was the daughter of John & Mary BARKER bp 28 Nov 1798 Shudy Camps). The following are likely to be their children:

Susanna died and was buried in Castle Camps 16 Oct 1833.

Joseph later remarried widow Susanna Free on 21 September 1835, was married bliss was too much and he died in November and was buried on 6th of that month.