Castle Camps: Families


Abraham Rooks 1788-1869

Abraham Rooks was baptized on Sunday 23 Mar 1788 in Castle Camps and died on Saturday 22 May 1869 in Endway, Castle Camps aged about 85 years. He was buried three days later on 25 May 1869. When his children were born he is often noted in the parish registers as a labourer, but in 1851 was listed as a woodman.

When he was about 31, he married Frances (Fanny) Cowland, the youngest child of John Cowland and his wife Elizabeth Reader, on 27 Oct 1815 in Castle Camps,CAM. (Frances Cowland was baptized on 2 Nov 1795 in Castle Camps and was buried on 24 Nov 1867 also in Castle Camps.)

They had a large family of seven sons and four daughters, all born in Castle Camps:

Abraham and Fanny were married for 52 years and saw 4 of their children die before them and another 4 emigrate to Australia. Only Joseph, Fanny and Sarah remained in England.

Siblings : Grace

Parents : Francis & Ann