Shudy Camps



From the Victoria County History...

There was a small school at Bartlow for poor children by 1807, though the only establishment besides the Sunday school in 1825 was for teaching girls needlework, both schools being supported by the rector.  Children from Bartlow village attended schools in Bartlow End hamlet in 1833. The rector supported a day-school in the village in 1836, apparently held in the rectory which he had recently extended, and it had 17 pupils in 1846. From 1872 the parish guaranteed £70 a year towards the school.  A National school was built at Bartlow in 1875, north of the Linton-Camps road; it was attended by 27 boys and 17 girls in 1877, and reached its highest average attendance of 47 in 1889.  Attendance declined slowly thereafter, to 40 in 1896, 27 in 1906, and 15 in 1922.  The senior pupils were transferred to Linton village college in 1937, and when in 1939 the number of children attending Bartlow school fell to 9 it was closed, the junior pupils being transferred to schools in Linton. 

There is a photo of the old school on the Bartlow village web site.