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The Victoria County History states that there were two ale houses in Bartlow in 1682 and Three Hills (the current pub) was mentioned in 1821 when publican George PAYNE died. He was 83 and had been publican for many years.

There is mention of public house at Bartlow being robbed (Bury & Norwich Post, 4 Feb 1801 p2) but no further detail.

Three Hills

Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough - Saturday 12 April 1828


April 1841: William (and Amey PAMENTER and 5 children) is listed as a brewer.

In October 1845 Mr PAMENTER and his sister put all the brewing plant and household effects up for sale including: 55 beer casks comprising cask stowage for 7000 gallons of Beer, 400 gallon copper, 50 bushel Mash Tub.

A further news item in May 1849 states that the omnibus which runs from Wendon Station to Walden always stops at the 'Three Hills'.

November 1858: 'the house of William PAMENTER, known as the Three Hills....'

March 1861: William PAMENTER and his wife Elizabeth are at the inn. They are still there in 1871.

In July 1878 the pub was once again offered for sale by auction by the Executors of the late Mr W Pamenter. By September 1879 Walter GILBERT (formerly ostler at the Linton Swan) was the landlord.

1881: The DRAKE family - James (33) and his wife Phoebe (also 33).

In 1887 the DRAKE family of Three Hills suffered sudden loss - Phoebe the wife of James Thomas DRAKE died suddenly on 25th May, followed by 39 year old James only 5 months later. Thereupon the household effects were offered for sale (no mention of the pub itself).

1891 Henry BICKNALL, his wife Margaret and 6 children are at the Three Hills.

1899 Mr H BICKNALL quitting and selling his household effects. The licence was transferred to Charles John FARTHING.

1901 Charles and Mary Ann FARTHING

By 1909 Charles WEBB was landlord of the Three Hills.

1911 Charles and Alice WEBB. The pub has 10 rooms.

In 1915 the licence was transferred from William AFFLECK to Harry DARKING, but Harry died in 1920 and once again there was a sale notice.

The next mention of a transfer was a temporary one from Ernest MARRIOT to George MAY, of The Boot and Shoe, March, in May 1939.

From the parish registers:

1736 2 October: John BUCK, inn keeper buried

1790 19 May: George PAYNE the 19 year old son of George PAYNE, inn keeper buried

1830 30 May: William FRENCH, the son of Thomas FRENCH, publican and Harriet was baptised

1832 1 July: Eliza FRENCH, daughter of John FRENCH, publican and Ann was baptised

1837 5 February: Eliza the daughter of Charles ATHERTON, publican and Mary was baptised

1838 25 December: Benjamin the son of Charles ATHERTON, publican and Mary was baptised

1841 11 June: Charles the son of Charles ATHERTON, publican and Mary was baptised