Shudy Camps



Bartlow Hall Farm

1807: Mr Thomas DAY was the resident. He quit the farm in 1820.

1861: John and Mary Ann HAYWARD

1881: John HAYWARD and family are still at The Hall, but the farm has increased to 404 acres. He is now employing 17 men and 5 boys.

1891: John and Frances HAYWARD, now in their mid seventies.

1901: William BROWN is the farm bailiff.

Bourne Farm

1822: "Nine very fine Suffolk milch COWS forward in calf, 2 fat STEERS, 10 capital draught HORSES, 6 COLTS, 3 Sows, 16 large Shoats, 23 Pigs..." to be sold on the farm.

1851: Occupants are - Robert TREDGET and family - farmer of 200 acres employing 7 labourers, and Richard KINGSWOOD and family, listed as a gamekeeper.

1910: 221 acres or 13 perches of land withdrawn from auction at £2,500

Chapel Farm

1891: Isaac DANEY and family


1851: William HALES - farmer of 130 acres employing 6 labourers.


1851: John HALES, farmer of 150 acres employing 7 labourers.

Shardelows Allington

Part of this farm was in Bartlow - details here.