Castle Camps

Manorial Records 

The London Metropolitan Archives hold the documents previously retained by Charterhouse, including those for Castle and Shudy Camps, among others. Among them are 4 maps on parchment surveyed by Thomas Landon and drawn by John Prickett in October 1617 (Reference ACC/1876/MP/02/022 A, B C and D. A Sarah Bendall describes them as: 

A: 840 acres in north west of the parish (badly damaged) View details        

B: Castle Camps Church and c 960 acres in village bounded by Shudy Camps parish in the north, Castle Farm in the south and Helions Bumpstead parish in the east. View Details

C: Camps Castle and c 780 acres to the south bounded by Olmstead Green and Helions Bumpstead in the east, and mostly east of the road from Camps Hall to Camps End. View Details

D: (don't have a transcription of this page of her work) Bounded by Bartlow in the west and at the north of the paris.    View Details

The roads are all outlined in yellow, woods are green with trees, closes are outlined in green, strips outlined in brown, buildings all have red roofs. The buildings appear to have been drawn and in some cases, appear to reflect the actual shape and relative size.Hedges and fences are shown and on each parcel of land, the tenant is named, whether copy or freehold, and the acreage. If there is a field name, it is also written. Each page has a compass, a decorated border, a highly decorative cartouche with title and some also have a table of tenants. The maps are in differing scales.

Names mentioned, with some biographical details, can be found here.


There are many leases, counterparts and conveyances regarding Castle Camps properties at the London Metropolitan Archives - categorised by property name.

A. Sarah Bendall. Maps, Land and Society: A History, with a Carto-Bibliography of Cambridgeshire Estate Maps, c. 1600–1836. New York: Cambridge University Press. 1992