Castle Camps


Sometimes it is possible to deduce where individuals and their families actually lived over the years, or conversely, who lived in at a particular property. The 10 yearly census sometimes lists dwellings but more often only names farms, but the tithe maps of 1870 and 1840 and the Land Tax Assessments, 1759-1838 can also help.

I start with the 1840 tithe maps which clearly locate a property, give it a number, and name the owner and the occupier. I then look at the 1838 LTA to see if I can locate the individuals. Assuming that the Land Tax records are listed in the same order each year (and in Castle Camps that seems to be the case_ we can work backwards another 90 years. No guarantees though!

The Cottage - High Street

Wayside Cottage

 Historic England has a map with cottages named - looking at the information for Elizabeth Cottage ; in November 2020 gave a good map of the High Street. PDF of that map