Castle Camps

Churchyard of All Saints

There are not many headstones or memorials in the churchyard when one considers the large number of souls who rest here. This is not a complete photographic archive and please contact me if you would like another added. They are in no particular order.

Mary Freeman In
Memory of
Mary Freeman
Wife of John Freeman
who died Feby 2nd, 1800
aged 45 years<
I cannot find a burial entry for this Mary - the closest is that of Mary Freeman, adult who was buried 12 January 1801. There is no obvious marriage for them in the area, and there is another John and Mary Freeman also living in Castle Camps.
George Wass In Memory of
George Wass
who died Dec 26 1886
aged 39
Also of Ann, his wife
who died May 6 1908
aged 65
Also of
Nancy their grandchild
who died Jan...1913

The burial records have George's age as 41. Little Nancy was 4 years old and the daughter of Robert and Lily Wass. She was buried on 3 February 1913.

Walter Wright In Loving Memory Of
Walter Wright
who died April 3rd 1915
aged 60
also Maria, his beloved wife
who died January 19th 1917
aged 80 (or 86)
Until the day breaks and the
shadows flee away
Also of
Octavius Frederick
son of the above
killed in action in France
August 24th 1917
aged 25
And they shall bring the glory and
honour of the nations into it
Walter was buried on 6 April 1915 and Maria on 26 January 1917. Walter was publican of The George in Castle Camps for a time, and he and Maria had 5 sons baptised at All Saints: Rands (1888), Cornel (1889), Octavius (1892) Albert (1895) and Percy (1896). There was also a daughter, Ella bn c 1886.
Jane Beavis In Memory Of
Jane Beavis
who died February 10 1834
aged 71 or 74 years
The burial register has: Jane BEVIS 15 Feb 1834 aged 74 of Camps Green. Its likelt that she is Jane IVES, who married John BEAVIS in Castle Camps on 31 March 1779. John BEAVIS of Balsham was buried at All Saints in November 1834.
James Tannar In Memory of
Thomas Tanner
of Whitings Mere Farm
in this parish
who died February 21 1865
aged 69 years
and also of
Mary [unreadable on my photo]
aged 86....
Thomas and Mary lived at Whitings Mere but came there from Essex. They had at least 3 daughters, Sarah, Mary and Eliza. Mary was buried 13 October 1868, from Bartlow Hamlet.
Eliza Tannar Eliza Tanner
Eliza died at the age of 22 and was buried 17 May 1850. She was probably a daughter of Thomas and Mary Tannar of Whitings Mere.
John Winterfield In Loving Memory of
John Winterfield
who died April 4th 1917
aged 55 years
The Lord gave and the Lord hath
taken away Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Also of MERCY
wife of the above
who died July 20th 1931
aged 64 years
At Rest
John was a wheelwright and variously lived on the Camridge Road, and on the Helions Bumpstead Road. He was the son of Charles and Jane Winterflood.
Carter In Memory of
William Carter
who died Sept 10th 1881
aged 34 years
He suffered but murmured not
Also of
Albert Carter
who died Feb 22nd 1890
aged 34 years
Where I am there shall my servant be
In Memory of
Manessah Carter
who died May 12th 1877
aged 18 years
Not lost but gone before
Also of Ephraim Carter
who died Jan 17th 1880
Aged 17 years
These are the sons of William and Charlotte Carter, who ran a beer house in Castle Camps. Charlotte died in 1893.
Hymas Sacred
To the Memory of
Stephen Hymas
who departed this life
September 22 1851
Aged 58 years
[cannot read the next bit on my photo]

to the memory of
Sarah Hymas


Stephen was from Camps Endway when he was buried on 28 September 1851. He was the son of Buttle and Susannah and is buried with his wife Sarah née Shaw, whom he married in 1816.
Parkin Alice Parkin
the wife of
John Parkin
of this parish
who died June 11 1821
aged 67 years
John and Alice lived at Camps Green. She was born Alice Webb and the couple were married in her home parish of nearby Horseheath in 1772.
Leonard In Peace
Emma Jane
youngest daughter of
Charles and
Matilda Leonard
Died December 30 1891
aged 31 years
Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord
For they rest from their labours
Mary Clementina May
Eldest daughter of
Charles and Clemenetina Leonard
Died October 10 1892
aged 56 years
Higher ???bury, Cheshire

In Loving Memory of
Widow of the late
Charles Leonard
Born May 30th 1817
Died August 27th, 1905
Also of
Matilda Jickling
duaghter of the above
who died Nov 25th 1911
aged 59 years
Buried at Wrecclesham?, Surrey
Charles LEONARD married Matilda BARNARD after the death of his first wife Clementina in 1849. He died in 1863 and his daughters Emma, Mary and Matilda were part of a large family of 13 children. Charles and his family lived at Moats Farm.
Jeffrey In Loving Memory of
Arthur Jeffery
Died May 15, 1919
aged 69 years
Also Eliza his wife
Died Feb 27th 1924
aged 70 years
Blessed are the pure in heart
fro they shall see God
Arthur was a wheelwright and he married Eliza Parkin in November 1873.