Castle Camps

The Church Bells

The church tower In 1552 the tower at All Saints contained 4 bells but in 1596 one was riven, and the remainder by 1744. By 1828 "in consequence of the bells bring in a bad state and some of the principal timbers being completely decayed, the Parish resolved to put up a new peal. The old bells were 4 in number and 2 of them were cracked and quite unservicable."

The new peal of 5 bells was cast by Mr William Dobson of Downham. This peal remained intact until the tower fell in 1850, cracking the third bell. It was recast by Messrs Taylor of Loughborough and an entirely new oak framework was made by Mr Balls of Norwich, to hold the rehung bells.

The ringing chamber is approached by a turret staircase from the outside of the church. in 1884 a chiming apparatus was fixed and in March 1886 the peal was taken out, gudgeons relined and turned, and new gunmetal bearings supplied, new tops put to the clappers and wood pulleys and slider boards fixed, and new bell ropes put on. They were rehung by John Warner & Son of Cresent Foundary, Cripplegate, London.

In the summer of 1886 the ringing chamber was wainscoted with marchboarding and ceiled and seats provided, and the south casement was made to open.

The chiming mechanism was put in order again by the Friends of All Saints Church and the bells rung for the first time in many years on 9 March 1980.

Bell ropes Bell Details

1. 29¾" 5½ cwt Prosperity to the village of Castle Camps

2. 31" 6cwt Long Live King George the Fourth

3. 32" 6½cwt This peal of five was cast by W Dobson of Downham 1827 This bell was recast by J Taylor & Son Loughborough 1852

4. 36" 11cwt The Rev George Pearson BD Rector Isaac Pearson & Wm Parkin, Church Wardens 1827

5. 40" 11cwt The peal of bells was erected at the expense of the parishioners and Benjamin Keene, Esq of Westoe Lodge. AD 1827.